Will Brake Cleaner Stop Squeaky Brakes?


If you hear a squeaking sound when you stop your vehicle, you may be wondering if the culprit is the brakes. Or, perhaps you already know, and you’re wondering what you can do to stop this sound. Would brake cleaner work? 

Brake cleaner does stop squeaky brakes in most situations, but always find the reason behind the squeaking before deciding to try this product, as there could be another reason it’s happening. 

If you’re unsure what type of brake cleaner to use, how to know the reason behind your car’s brakes squeaking, and what types of brake cleaners are suitable to use, read through this article. All of the information is here to show you the best way to stop your brakes from squeaking sooner rather than later. 

How Do I Get My Brakes to Stop Squeaking? 

When it comes to squeaky brakes, the best way to know how to stop them is to understand what is causing them. Here are some of the most common reasons your brakes might be squeaking: 

  • Time- Over time, the metal on your brakes erodes in small increments, causing the brakes to vibrate together and create noise. Be careful to make sure your brakes don’t need to be changed.
  • New Breaks- If you’ve recently put in new brakes, your brakes might squeak while the car gets settled into them. 
  • Slow Speeds- If you’re only driving at slow speeds or only notice the noise when going slow in your car, it could be due to the type of metal used to make your brakes and isn’t a cause for concern. 
  • Dirt and Debris- Dirt and debris also cause squeaky brakes, causing little pieces of the outside world to rub against the metal and cause vibrations that make this sound. 
  • Needs to be Changed- If your brakes have worn down to the wear indicator inside them, they can make a sound indicating that they’re dangerously eroded and need to be changed with a mechanic before you drive again.
  • Moisture- Large levels of moisture can also cause brakes to squeak 

Now that you know the cause, how can you stop your brakes from squeaking? Here’s the answer. 

If you’ve determined that your brakes are squeaking due to dirt and debris, because they’re new, due to moisture, or slow speeds, using brake cleaner is a good idea and can cause the sound to stop. 

However, if you’ve found that your brakes have eroded to the point where they’re close to giving out, you must see a mechanic or car shop to replace your brakes. If you don’t, they could give out on the road and cause you to be unable to stop your car without the emergency brake. 

How to Use Brake Cleaner to Stop Squeaky Brakes 

So, you’ve decided to try brake cleaner to stop your brakes from squeaking. This is great, but how do you do it? Here’s a step-by-step guide. 

  1. First, find a product you like. When choosing a brake cleaner, try finding one that is marketed to stop squealing brakes. 
  2. Once you’ve found the product you’d like, locate your brake pads. On the front of your car, clean the area where the piston and caliper meet. Clean any rotors as well before applying the brake cleaner. 
  3. If you’ve chosen a spray cleaner product, spray the product on all your rotors. After doing this, spray the sides of your brake pads as well. 
  4. If you’ve chosen a lubricant product, put the product on the sides of each brake pad and on the parts where the brake pad meets the caliper. 
  5. Leave the brakes to settle. Drive again in a few hours and see if the noise has stopped. If not, consider visiting a mechanic. 

Seeing a Mechanic 

If you’ve determined that you cannot fix your brakes using the methods above, seeing a mechanic can help. Most charge 100-400 dollars to replace each pad. Brake specialists might charge less. 

You can use an online website or tool to find a mechanic near you

What Are the Best Brake Cleaners to Use? 

If you’re still unsure about what product to buy, try some of the following: 

You can use brake cleaner to stop squeaky brakes, as long as there are no underlying issues. Otherwise, you’re just putting a bandage on a serious problem. Follow the steps above to eliminate squeaky brakes with brake cleaner. 


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